Hong Kong experience leisurely beauty home service walk through colorful 2012

Spring multicolored how can you miss? Starting with the natural feeling of fashion charm, You Xianmei brand home service Welcome Spring new products to bring you colorful new interpretation of the new season fashion Story. Playful cute interpretation of the youthful vitality, with you to meet the colorful world.

香港体会之悠闲美地家居服  伴您走过缤彩纷呈的2012 香港体会之悠闲美地家居服  伴您走过缤彩纷呈的2012

Youxian beautiful Spring New Colorful Fashionable Story

Youxianmei branded home service is Hong Kong's international fashion underwear brand under the auspices of the United States and the United States to introduce the brand home service mature international design style, product design positioning taste and fashion, the introduction of Italian designers and design concepts, More representative of the international fashion.

香港体会之悠闲美地家居服  伴您走过缤彩纷呈的2012

If the formal dress on behalf of rigorous, casual wear on behalf of the comfortable fashion representative of the popular, then the home service on behalf of freedom. You Xianmei home service not only hired Italian designers in the style of seeking breakthroughs and personality, You Xianmei fashion style to create the home service, but also in the choice of fabric also adhere to high-end, using modal, bamboo fiber, milk silk, etc. New material to improve clothing comfort.

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