Ya new men's underwear to create 2012 men's health underwear

Men's underwear underwear belong to personal clothing, purchase must buy good quality, it is best to choose some better brand underwear, because the brand of good underwear in the production process will be more refined, the fabric selection will be more stringent, and the skin more docile , Size is also accurate, wear time will be relatively long time. Comfort is always the first consideration when buying, although the mall can not try on when buying men's underwear, but the same can be selected to the right.

YAAO Ya Austrian men's underwear industry in China is an excellent brand, is walking in the forefront of men's health underwear leader. The company always adhere to the quality strategy, Everbright YAAO Ya Austrian brand's core philosophy, Qingli build China's most unique men's underwear brand .

YAAO雅奥 雅奥新品男士内衣 打造2012男士健康内衣

雅奥新品男士内衣 打造2012男士健康内衣

Normally the acrylic knit set contains a beanie , a Scarf and a pair of Glove. The size can be customized to fit both adult and kid. Normal procedure of making a knit set is to order plain yarns, and send to dye factory to make a PMS dye according to the artwork. Then knit the panels into whatever shape that the design requests, either flat or in a tube. It depends on the knitting machine technology.

Then those finished panels are sent to be cutting to a certain size mould, fitting all sizes.

After the cutting is finished, the next step is to make embroidery or printing to achieve the logo branding. After the logo is made onto the panel, workers will make a first time checking, and start making stitching and sewing, apply all necessary carelabels. The last procedure is packing, it will be exactly following customer`s instruction and safety requirement.  

Acrylic Knit Scarf

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