Yinchuan mahogany furniture prices waist

On January 11th, the owner of the well-known Chinese brand “Zhenyu” branded mahogany furniture, which had been trading for many years in the Leisure Furniture City, had to withdraw its counter from the store due to poor management. The female owner of the furniture distribution center in Dongmeng Hongmu Furniture Co., Ltd. told reporters that the price of Dongmeng Hongmu has recently returned to the level of a year ago under the impact of the plunge in the prices of foreign markets. From the point of view of discount, furniture that has been used for 20% discounts before is now available for sale at a discount of 60%. At the scene, the reporter saw that a set of Dongyang redwood sofas with a price of 48,800 yuan was sold at a discount of 26,000 yuan. The female boss said that if the customer really wants the price can be lower.

Recently, in some cities in the south, mahogany logs and mahogany furniture jumped into the roller coaster market. After interviews with reporters, it was found that sales prices of Yinchuan mahogany furniture had a discount of about 50%, but sales were in a state of poor sales. There are 3 merchants selling mahogany furniture in Yuexing Furniture Stores, but mahogany furniture stores are extremely narrow. "Midyearly" shopping guide told reporters that in the past, the general product has hit 40%, and now it can hit a minimum of 20%. Nowadays, "Red Sky" brand mahogany furniture, despite no price cuts, has recently introduced a relatively inexpensive "Cheng Tian" brand to cope with market changes. Glory Meiju shop, customers come to mahogany furniture stores to see the furniture is also one of the few, trading volume is even less.

According to analysis by industry insiders, the soaring prices of mahogany furniture in the past three years are mainly due to some hot money participating in the speculation. Coupled with the misleading misery of mahogany resources, the price of mahogany furniture has been pushed up. At present, hot money moving mahogany furniture has a corresponding correction, and other types of mahogany such as chicken wing wood are very rich in Southeast Asia and Africa. According to the relevant person in charge of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, it was disclosed in the media that soon the nation’s identification of redwood will be expanded from the current five categories, 33 categories, to more than 100, and the expansion of mahogany will also drive down the price of mahogany furniture.

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