Fragrant shadow women show clearly moving romantic elegance

Jane Qian clothing carefully designed to fully absorb from Europe, the United States and Other places of fashion design style, and cleverly blend these styles, according to the quarterly design theme, with the modern Chinese women's personal characteristics, to give people a professional Image needs. In the form of different collocation, to meet a variety of different occasions, dress needs, to create a unique taste of clothing culture.


Gang flexible woman:
To pragmatism, minimalism modeled on the lines bright, stylish and not exaggerated. Ingenuity of the unique cutting and elaborate sewing process, breaking the traditional concept of the package, see the characteristics of the plain, a new generation of urban fashion beauty, add more content.

Romantic lady:
Fully demonstrate the elegance of women, gentle and charming temperament, is a very feminine style. Focus on all kinds of details of the design, coupled with a large number of decorative elements, such as lace, embroidery and other skills, showing a woman charming, elegant and refined romance.

香影女装 彰显楚楚动人的浪漫雅致

Trendy women:
Emphasize the atmosphere of relaxation, closely linked to the pulse of the trend, changing, with freedom. Mixed with "(rigid and soft female)", "(romantic ladies)" features, so that the overall style Shade series, pushed to more elements, with innovative unique style.

Fragrance brand clothing positioned as high-end fashion, career and leisure are affordable. Mainly for a group of vibrant; full of confidence; nor pan-elegant, stylish, independent personality and considerable cultural accomplishment, well-dressed women 25-35 years old new social design.

香影女装 彰显楚楚动人的浪漫雅致

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