Autumn and winter colorful street style shoes with casual style

Ben Wang News, November 14, temperament boots is the best choice for autumn! Not only show long legs but also appropriate to keep warm, with a variety of shapes freely with the free choice. Let's take a look at the new changes in people's modeling style in Europe and the United States.

Nude color is not retired, still popular in fashion street show, is the popular color that people are happy to play, fashion wild. Neutral style suit jacket with printed vest, because of the length and sexy charm. Naked legs wearing short boots make the legs more slender, tight contrast on the loose, is a simple and easy way to match. The dark gray color is matched with the black and white print of the top, showing a complexion and temperament that is absolutely fashionable and modern. Thick boots with minimalism make the vintage look superb, with a long sleeved suit that is full of personality.

The beautiful plaid will never withdraw from the fashion stage. Repeated innovations make it more varied and more attractive. Different colors of strips combine to create a sense of modernity. This time it is a combination of blue-violet and contrasting yellow and red. The chiffon checked plaid shirt features a black bow ribbon, and the red hat on the top is very British. High-rise rose red shorts make the vintage interpretation of a new color feeling, with black tights to make the proportion even more appropriate. The simple black boots are full of handsomeness and highlight the whole British temperament.

This body is the most eye-catching big leopard scarf, handsome publicity! With the Department of law can become different shawls or scarves. Coupled with dark brown sunglasses and a blond more sexy temperament. Beige jacket jacket and military green stovepipe pants make the OL's ability to play to the extreme. The relaxed brown boots give a warm and comfortable feeling and are very popular. The large size of the handbag is definitely the love style of contemporary urban women. A uniform color and soft, soft and gentle.

The white t-shirt long shirt printed leopard pattern makes the model more imposing. The wide-brimmed hat has a romantic atmosphere, with the body of the printing of the wild, a charming attraction. The short boots are full of handsome stripes and rivets, and the color echoes the hat on the head, allowing a harmonious and rhythmic beauty.

Although simple but full of fashion sense, wide red sweater slender black leggings, leopard purse metal chain, all reflect the mature woman's charm and fashion temperament. The short boots under the feet are concise, with a bold retro design and elegance. The mix of blonde hair and red sweater is beautiful and attractive enough.

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