NUOVI Inaba Wei create a leading fashion "elegant femininity"

"Mature dissemination of youthful charm, elegant implies fashion," Precise interpretation of INUOVI's fashion gesture.
INUOVI fashion, elegant style from the Italian romantic, noble palace essence, Rome's aristocratic culture, art and color, the mystery of Sicily, the island's unique style constitutes its abundance of fashion culture. Through the homogeneous attitude of the brand, it integrates Italy's exquisite workmanship and oriental exquisite workmanship, and leads the fashion through thousands of years of humanities classics to show the elegant grace of Chinese women. Elegant femininity and sophistication are the consistent theme, unique and sharp design techniques, smooth and natural lines, with the color of soft and varied, with a delicate style of the female charm, so that the essence of women in fine life to be perfect reflect.


NUOVI伊娜薇 缔造领舞时尚的“优雅女人味”

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