London Fashion Week: Vectoria Beckham lets you show off your body

On the weekend morning, with the microwave and gentle breeze of the Thames, the local Londoners started a leisurely morning walk along the river, while at the Tate Britain, the Victoria Beckham, the 2019 autumn and winter show, was held. The atmosphere outside the inner hall was ignited to the extreme.

Like many big shows after the return to the London show, the Beckhams are still the biggest focus before the show, but as the models slowly move out, the focus is pulled back to Victoria Beckham's elegant and slender design this season. Among them. Compared to the three pieces of gray, black and brown in the past autumn and winter, Victoria Beckham broke the silence of the season with a warm and vibrant red. Big red cashmere jackets, fishtail skirts, long boots, and graffiti with red lines on white dresses, these red designs are on the show floor.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the color of the lively, Victoria Beckham also made a new attempt in the design of the new season. For example, in the position of the chest on the chest, a "belt" and a tailored long skirt were changed to the backless. What is even more surprising is that this season Victoria Beckham brought the fish mouth boots back to the show. field.

And as Victoria Beckham recently announced that she will launch a personal beauty brand, she has been trying to understand what contemporary women need from her own perspective. In this season, she has always insisted on the need for AZ in women’s lives. The concept of figuration makes it a print appearance, and makes these fascinating combinations of shapes and colors look more approachable.

However, the high demands on the waist in the new design may still make many people miserable.

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