NEOEN Nong Ying Luo Jingjie 2012 spring and summer fashion release

At 16:30 on the 31st, NEOEN Nongying · Luo Jingjie 2012 spring and summer fashion conference in D, PARK Beijing Club Central Hall. The theme of this conference is "Five Elements - Mizuki." From the most basic source of life to create visual works (photography, painting), and then extracted from the works to trigger the vertical changes in the spirit of the brand to absorb a variety of artistic expression techniques combined with the core characteristics of the brand technology, with a simple foundation The material of cotton creates the original artwork that expresses the nature of Vientiane.

2009-5 onwards, to participate in the Chinese men's fashion trends and cultural studies (two) project, the main job is to develop the trend direction, the completion of casual wear renderings, drawings and other drawing; Participate in pearl fiber denim fabric research and development and Angel Park brand Planning projects and participating in the organization of cowboy women's national design competition. During the 2010 Shanghai World Expo in China, the main work of clothing design projects participating in the Shanghai World Expo was the design of official staff clothing design projects such as volunteer, visitor service, concierge, driver and property ; Renderings, style drawing and layout, etc .; published in the book "Introduction to Fashion Design", "brand innovation theory." Awarded the prize In April 2009, his work won the Gold Award in the 2009 China Warp Knitting Design Competition and the 2009 Outstanding Teacher Award in the Fashion Institute.

Luo Jingjie is currently director of Department of Fashion Art and Design Department of Donghua University Fashion Institute. He mainly researches garment design and teaching. He has presided over the design of Hainan island dress and related content, the design and performance organization of Hainan island dress, China Shield Cup professional tooling design Grand Prix and so on.

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