The price increase of autumn and winter equipment far exceeds the “natural growth rate”

The Evening News reporter Ye Xiaoyao reported that “a common coat is sold for seven or eight hundred, and the following 300 yuan can hardly be found.” Recently, citizen Li ** complained. After the National Day holiday, the coolness is getting stronger, and it is time for the season to begin. To the public's frustration, the price of autumn and winter clothes in shopping malls is two or three percent higher than last year. Because the prices of clothing, shoes and hats have soared this year, even if discounted shopping activities are available, they are still a lot more expensive than in previous years. With the same amount of money, they cannot buy the same amount of things. Some shrunk.

“Watching a shopping mall in the morning, bought a total of this thing, the money really is spending more and more.” Lee ** recently showed reporters her shopping results: wool cardigan, 416 yuan; denim pants, 328 yuan. “This is still the price after the 7% discount.” Li ** told reporters that do not look to buy a lot of things, after calculation, the equivalent of her half-month salary.

The reporter noticed that although the discount shopping activities in major shopping malls in urban areas are in full swing, many new autumn and winter clothes and winter shoes and winter boots that have just been listed have also joined the ranks of sales promotion. However, their expensive price still leaves many consumers discouraged. In the past, the list price was seven or eight hundred yuan, and you could buy a pair of good autumn and winter shoes with a discount of about three hundred yuan. Now the price has reached 1,000 yuan; the series is relatively luxurious, even more than 1,500 yuan; some brands The new clothes, priced at two or three thousand, compared with the prices in previous years, the increase was surprising.

"The price of new raw materials such as cotton, this year's new autumn and winter equipment prices rose by almost 20% over the same period last year." City clothing store owner told reporters. In a large shopping mall in the urban area, sales staff of a brand of women's shoes also admitted that the price of winter boots this year has indeed risen a lot, "even if it is based on the original price of 20% off sales, still up about 20% over the same period last year. ”

The reporter visited various large-scale shopping malls in the city and found that the prices of clothing for autumn and winter of this year are very high, especially for brand clothing with certain popularity. The selling price is even more ridiculous, and the price increase is not a behavior of a certain brand and has become a universal The phenomenon. The reporter saw that the brand's relatively good outerwear prices were mostly over 1,000 yuan, and some fashionable styles and new fabrics used were as high as three or four thousand yuan, and some new leather garments were selling for more than ten thousand yuan. Not only is the price of outer clothing high, but the price of cashmere sweaters and other clothing has also increased a lot compared to last year.

It is understood that in the current clothing industry, the annual growth rate of about 10% is dubbed the "natural growth rate." "And this year's average increase of up to 20%," said a person in charge of a large shopping mall, said, far higher than the "natural growth rate."

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