Big Eye Brand children's clothing fall and winter new listing with you dancing fashion

Big Eye Frog 2010 autumn and winter release of new products for you to start the prelude to fashion, dancing with you fashion! 2010, is the second year after the grand frog gorgeous transformation and upgrading, but also another peak year! The successful promotion of the brand "big-eyed frog" children's wear, has gained remarkable achievements in the past year, terminal sales and investment success rate increased significantly, the industry as the "overnight sublimation" legend myth. Nowadays, the big-eye frog has made more than 400 monopoly and counter radiation performance across the country. It is a brand new force in China's children's wear industry that occupies a leading position in the domestic children's wear market quickly in the shortest time. Enjoy the success of the transformation of the big eye frog, to play their own advantages, the use of multi-resource integration, start from the details, create brilliant success, is the grand launch of the grand frog 2010 autumn and winter new products, will highlight their own strength to the extreme! The "big-eyed frog" new autumn and winter will launch called "low-key luxury", "fantasy future", "charm fashion" three major series. Vintage and fashion blend, modern and natural, stylish gorgeous style with some new elements. One of the designs will focus on the element of science fiction movie Robot, mixed with metal letter blocks, a diversified mix of styles and a strong fantasy atmosphere. Similarly, the design of each season has a vast natural elements, mountains, sky, jungle, snowflakes ... ... Big Eye Frog will be colorful and warm atmosphere and simple and beautiful makeup to show the wonderful natural world. Harmony of warm and cold colors, plant world phase, flowers and jungle colors are sublimated as: rose red, orange, lake blue, brown and so on. Contrast between the color tone and color, but also people can not help but think of Chen was placed in the ancient quiet country house in the embroidery, weaving and carpet. Stylish design coupled with excellent clothing production process, the big-eyed frog strives to bring the fashion to the children's world, so that children's clothing is no longer monotonous, so that children enjoy their unique interpretation of the unique charm. Believe that these well-designed products, will certainly be deeply attracted to the customer's attention. After the big frog that passionate vitality team more than 100 day and night carefully prepared to launch the big frog 2010 new autumn and winter, how she gorgeous debut? ! Big Eye Frog Kids 2010 autumn and winter new upcoming release, will bring us unlimited surprises! No matter how time and space change, fashion - can not wait forever. Big-eyed frog, designed for your needs!

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