Marketing practice is a fine effort

In any operating company, there are more people, higher status, and better treatment than marketers. However, behind the bright coats, they are the hard work, the tremendous pressure they bear, and the reality of unusual competition. We say that marketing people do a good job, it is not good to do it, and the important role of marketing itself is self-evident.

Therefore, what we have seen is this: a large number of students who have left the campus have devoted themselves to this profession. After a while, some of them have become famous in the industry and become elites in the industry. Of course, most of them will be like everyone. Forty years old is still a package running at the grassroots level, the gap is huge. Everyone receives the same education, as well as memorizing the 4P theory, starting from the grassroots level, why is the gap so obvious? The key point is that you see marketing as a means of making a living or a career that you will struggle for for life. In fact, it is a bit of a slogan. It is not too far from success to make marketing a lifelong career.

To do a good job in marketing, you must work hard and make great efforts. You may wish to work hard in the following three aspects:

First, study

Needless to say, the importance of learning, we know at school, but when passive learning and active work are compared, you may really understand its meaning. Time is changing, society is changing, and the new situation and new situation will always appear in the industries we work in. This requires us to continue to learn and recognize such new situations and learn to solve new problems with new methods.

In this process of learning, it is also the process by which we break the inherent thinking and traditional habits. This process can be very difficult, because it takes a courage to eliminate some of the original understandings and opinions. Therefore, whoever has the courage and confidence to change, who can eliminate the inherent thinking in a faster time and learn new thinking and apply to work, then the chance of success will be much greater.

At present, our company is vigorously building a learning company or a learning team, which is an adaptation in the increasingly severe market competition. After all, the road to success for an organization or individual with ideas needs more support from the brain and intelligence, and it is necessary to constantly improve through learning.

Second, the implementation

In our daily business management, the more talked about the word "execution power", the strength of execution has gradually become a measure of efficiency. At the same time, it has become an important reference for the success of enterprises.

We also need such an attitude when doing marketing work. More emphasis on the execution of enterprises is the top-down obedience and implementation, and a set of supervision organizations represented by enterprises to cooperate with the implementation. And our personal marketing behavior is more dependent on personal conscious and self-discipline. This requires that our marketing activities must first have a clear goal, and regard marketing as a lifelong struggle. At the same time, for some correct methods and ideas, we must unswervingly implement them, rather than suspicion and stagnation. I remember a teacher who was young when I was young. I said, "It may be successful, and it will not succeed without success!" It is very straightforward to tell us that anything can only be successful if it is done. success.

The marketing work itself requires high operational and resilience requirements and requires operational capabilities. This is in the actual work, we often see those "stupid employees" with general ability and general thinking. When implementing the company's business policy, it is meticulous and conscientious. It seems silly, but it has gained a lot of gains. Many so-called "smart employees" have not implemented detailed research on the company's first-line research, market segmentation and digging, but have obtained information from this company through various relationships and means to the company. It is difficult to succeed. There are many such examples, that is, to tell us that marketing needs to be practical and requires meticulous execution!

Third, have a heart

The intention here is to focus on the actual work and focus on it. Seriously do your best

Do your own things, look for a goal and direction to do it, why not harvest?

The first thing to emphasize is the heart. Why do you want to do this, what is the whole process, and whether there is more

A good way to do this is whether it is a better solution. If you encounter a similar situation in the future, if the solution can be completed, etc., you must form a complete chain of thinking in your heart. At the same time, we will effectively record and summarize each time we do things, in case we encounter the same thing in the future.

Then emphasize the focus. The so-called focus is to require perseverance and perseverance in everything, and not to quit halfway.

It is not difficult for me to do anything with you. It is difficult to do it all the time without interruption. There are often some newly graduated students or newcomers who have not graduated for two years. The author first consults: Why is it not a good job, what is more suitable for his own work and so on. I always ask them: Do you insist on doing a job? Work is dead, it can't take the initiative to adapt to our requirements, and we may completely adjust ourselves to take the initiative to adapt to the requirements of the work, so it will not be eliminated by work.

Marketing needs to work hard, in fact, isn't this the other work?

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